What a Commissioner for Oaths will do for you.

Witness your signature

Witness Your Signature

A Commissioner for Oaths witnesses what you sign. He ensures that you sign it in person. Those who see his stamp have peace of mind.

Read The Document
Read The Document

Read The Document

A Commissioner for Oaths has to read the document to ensure that it is something that you can sign.

Check If You Understand
Check If You Understand

Check If You Understand

A Commissioner for Oaths will ask you if you understand what you are signing.

Charges for Services

How much to pay?

The fees chargeable are stated in Rule 21 of the Commissioners For Oaths Rules, 1993 [P.U. (A) 71/1993].

21. Fees To Be Levied

  1. The fee levied by a Commissioner for Oaths shall not exceed--
    1. four ringgit for taking an original affidavit and shall not exceed two ringgit on each exhibit referred to therein and required to be marked; and
    2. two ringgit for marking any duplicate or photostat copy of the affidavit and one ringgit on each copy of exhibit referred to therein.


What a Commissioner for Oaths can do

The powers of Commissioners for Oaths are stated in rule 11 of the Commissioners For Oaths Rules, 1993 [P.U. (A) 71/1993].

Rule 11 applies to Commissioners for Oaths who are lawyers.

11. Advocate and solicitor

Subject to any limitation expressed in his appointment, an advocate and solicitor who when appointed as a Commissioner For Oaths may do all or any of the following:

  1. receive acknowledgements of married women in all cases where acknowledgements are required by law to be taken before a public officer;
  2. receive acknowledgements of recognizances of bail and bail-bonds;
  3. administer oaths for--
    1. the justification for bail;
    2. taking any affidavit or affirmation;
    3. receiving and taking the answer, plea, demurrer, disclaimer, allegation or examination of any party or parties to any action;
    4. the examination of any witnesses upon any interrogatories or de bene esse or in chief or on any other occasion;
    5. swearing executors and administrators; and
    6. swearing persons in any action, matter or proceeding which is pending or about to be instituted in any court; and
  4. take and receive statutory declarations.

The Register

Don't forget to sign it

Rule 14(1) of the Commissioners For Oaths Rules, 1993 [P.U. (A) 71/1993], requires the customer to sign a register (record book).

You have to sign a form that records your name, I/C no. and details of documents which you signed. Please co-operate with the statutory requirement.

  1. A Commissioner for Oaths shall maintain a register in which shall be recorded the particulars of the services that he has rendered including all affirmations, declarations, acknowledgements, affidavits and other instruments upon which the Commissioner has placed his seal.


Keep these in mind.

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Each signature witnessed is RM4.00. Each exhibit is RM2.00. Duplicates (Court papers) are half.
Please sign your document at our office. The job of the Commissioner for Oaths is to make sure that you sign at our office.
If 2 or more persons signing the same document, they must sign it at the same time, at our office.
Since 2005, Commissioners for Oaths have been forbidden to make Certified True Copy. Please see this PDF link for more explanation.

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